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Over 50 Years Of Trusted Fire Safety Products and Services in Fraser MI and Macomb County

Photo of Fire ExtinguisherKeeping Macomb County Businesses Safe With Fire Protection Solutions 

Since 1967, Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service has been the most trusted name in fire protection in the Metro Detroit area and greater Michigan region. Dedicated to the utmost professionalism and quality service, William G. Henderson Sr. created a company culture that has always focused on serving you, the customer. Since William G. Henderson Sr. began selling and servicing fire extinguishers, he has worked passionately with businesses to install pre-engineered kitchen and industrial systems in their facilities.

In 1989, Ann Marie Henderson ran Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service as one of the few females in the industry. Her keen attention to detail and passion for safety is what has made Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service the premier source of fire safety equipment. Customized solutions, on-time service, and products made in America have distinguished Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service as a leader in an industry focused on safety and protection.

Today, their son William G. Henderson Jr. presides over the company, which has served as the one-stop-shop for many businesses regarding fire safety and protection. Hotels, restaurants, offices, and even homeowners have trusted Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service to fulfill their safety needs. As a family-owned business, Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service has focused on quality services at reasonable prices. Available 24/7 throughout the year, Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service is a name you can trust in any situation. Fully insured, stocked, and licensed, you can trust Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service with your fire safety needs.

Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service is a member of the National Fire Protection Association, National Association of Fire Distributors, and Construction Association of Michigan.