Fire Suppression Systems

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Picture of Fire Extinguishers Connected Take The Necessary Steps to Save Lives and Protect Your Property 

It's essential to have a fire suppression system installed in your building, as it can offer fast protection at the onset of a fire. Fire suppression systems are safe, easy to use, and provide early detection to fire and smoke. The team at Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service provides reliable fire suppression system installations that can help keep everyone in your building safe from the fire. 

Fire suppression systems are not only designed to suppress fires fast, but can also help minimize damage. We install our systems in a wide variety of buildings, from places that hold financial and healthcare records to industrial spaces - we protect it all. Without fire suppression systems, you may be vulnerable to property damage, loss of profits, and even loss of life.

Pre-Engineered Automatic & Manual Fire Suppression Systems

When the temperature in the protected space reaches 175 degrees F, this is indicative of a fire. These systems discharge entirely within 10 seconds to immediately combat the fire in these conditions. You don’t have to worry about any residue, water, or cleanup. These systems are often used for:

  • UL-300 Systems
  • Residencies Range Hood
  • Commercial exhaust range hoods (Restaurants, Churches, Pizza Ovens & Halls)
  • Industrial Paint & Spray Booths (Vehicles Paint, open Front Spray Booths, Total Flood, Local Application & Dip Tanks)
  • On & Off-Road Vehicles
  • Marine Automatic Systems
  • EDM & Grinding Machines

From restaurant owners and office managers, to property managers, and more, we offer fire safety solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial uses. Our professional and experienced team works to exceed industry standards. We also consult with insurance companies to provide the highest level of protection achievable.

At Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service, we offer high-quality fire suppression system installations and repairs for your business, property or factory space. We believe safety should always come first and provide numerous fire protection solutions. Give us a call today at (586) 293-7575 for more information on our products and services.