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For over 50 years, Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service has been Macomb County’s most trusted source for fire safety equipment and products. Our company offers a wide variety of products, from complete fire suppression systems to fire extinguishers and accessories - we have it all!

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We provide fire safety cabinets for the storage of flammable and corrosive liquids which can cause a fire in your workplace or home. Our cabinets are fully compliant to fire safety codes and other existing quality regulations. Fire safety cabinets provide safe and convenient storage of fire extinguishers, assist in the quick identification of fire extinguisher locations, and help ensure your workplace complies with existing statutory regulations on fire protection. Additionally, fire cabinets provide safe evacuation of hazardous substances in the event of a fire, enhance safe custody of allowable quantities of combustible liquids and in control areas, and promote workforce efficiency by storing materials near the point-of-use.

What Types of Cabinets Are Available? 

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Fire Extinguishers

We provide a broad range of fire extinguishers for use in different classes of fires. Class A fire extinguishers work by creating a barrier between a fire’s source of fuel and oxygen supply. We have water mist, foam, and wet chemical fire extinguishers for Class A fires. Class B and C fires can be extinguished by using dry powder and halogenated/ clean agent extinguishers which work by breaking a fire’s chemical reaction between its source of heat, fuel, and oxygen. Carbon dioxide extinguishers discharge a cold gas into a fire to break the fire triangle. It is essential to use the right extinguisher when putting out different classes of fire to avoid the fire from spreading.

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?

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Fire Hoses & Accessories

A fire hose is used to carry water or fire retardant materials into a fire source. It can be attached to a fire hydrant or a fire engine. Water or foam is pressurized 800 to 2000 kPa to enable the hose to produce a gush enough to fight the flames of fire. It is vital that fire hoses are dried after use to prevent quality deterioration. The diameter of a fire hose is critical in determining how effective it can be in extinguishing a fire. We provide a single jacket, hard rubber non-collapsing tires, double jacket, or single rubber jacket fire hoses configurations.

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Fire Suppression Systems

Quick suppression of fire is vital in preventing severe fire damage. We provide various types of fire suppression systems depending on functionality. Firstly, we have clean agent fire suppression systems that help protect valuable assets that would suffer damage from the use of sprinklers. Secondly, we have water-mist fire suppression systems that emit a fine mist that contains insignificant levels of water, not capable of destroying your valuable items. Thirdly, we have carbon-dioxide fire suppression systems that work by lowering the level of oxygen to a point where combustion can't occur. Finally, we have foam fire suppression systems that extinguish a fire by smothering it to eliminate oxygen.

Do I Need a Fire Suppression System? 

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Emergency Lighting, Safety Signs, Sprinkler Replacement Parts, & More

Get all of the miscellaneous fire safety products you need to meet local regulations, as well as protect your building and its occupants. We offer emergency lighting, exit and safety signs, equipment tags, fire extinguisher hangers, escape ladders, and more! Additionally, we offer the most common replacement parts needed to repair the fire sprinkler systems and exhaust hoods that protect your business.

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You Have a Responsibility to Protect Your Property and the People In It.

Whether you're a restaurant owner, office manager, homeowner, or someone in-between, we have the fire safety solutions you need to protect your employees and loved ones.

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Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Inc. has been servicing the kitchen systems, overhead sprinklers and portable fire extinguishers at all of the Roseville Community Schools for many years. They are very professional. Their staff has been the same for many years. Jon Steenland, Roseville Community Schools
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National Coney Island has used Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Inc. from the beginning. They service the fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers at our restaurants, corporate offices and other properties. They have always been very professional. Bill Z., National Coney Island