Fire Alarm Photo

 Fire safety is of the utmost importance in the workplace.  Quickly knowing a fire is present in the building is vital to ensuring the health and safety of everyone in your office.  Choosing a suitable fire alarm system can be difficult.  There are many features and types of fire alarms available to purchase, so where do you begin to know what is the right alarm for your business?  Here are a few things to consider.

What size is your office?

Think about your office.  If a fire were to break out anywhere in your office would you be able to quickly locate the fire?  If so, you may have a smaller office that could work well with a basic fire alarm system.  If, however, you have a large office space that encompasses several different floors to a building you may want a fire alarm system that is more advanced.  Having an advanced fire alarm system will give you the ability to locate the fire on a segmented fire panel.

How often are people in the office?

Is your office staffed 24 hours a day?  If not, you may want to consider having a monitored fire alarm system.  Having your business monitored even when your staff has gone home can help to quickly detect fires.  Some monitoring systems can even include cameras so a monitoring staff can get a visual of what has triggered the fire alarm.  With fires the faster you are able to contact the fire station the better your chances are of mitigating damages.  

Do you have the potential for other dangerous elements?

In addition to your fire alarm system, it may be a good idea to add other monitoring systems.  Often, companies will integrate a carbon monoxide monitoring system also.  Knowing if dangerous gas is present in the building can be just as important as knowing if there is a fire.  Often, these detectors can be added at the same time as a fire alarm system.  

There are many different fire alarms to choose from. For more information about what type of fire suppression system is best for you, don't hesitate to contact us.