Photo of automatic fire supression system

An automatic fire suppression system can not only control a fire in a building, but it can also extinguish fires well before the fire department can arrive on scene. It does this without the need for any human intervention. Automatic fire suppression systems are among the best commercial fire systems available today. They come in two types, engineered and pre-engineered, and they vary greatly. The extinguishing agents used will depend on the building it is designed to protect.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems spread water over a fire from above at the onset of any fire. The system includes a water supply system that connected by pipes that are fitted with fire sprinklers. The water comes out in a fine spray over the fire. This is one of the older systems available, but it's extremely reliable.

Water Mist Systems

A water mist system works at the onset of a fire by discharging a fine spray of water droplets over the fire. This system removes heat and acts to displace oxygen from any raging flames, thereby suppressing the fire. Just like a fire sprinkler system, this system features a water supply system connected by pipes, and the sprinkler is similar in many ways, only differing in how the water is dispersed from the sprinkler.

Dry Chemical Powder-Based Systems

These fire suppression systems use a dry chemical powder to extinguish a fire. This system is idea because they area will not be damaged by water. This powder extinguishes flames almost immediately, and it is best suited to fight fires that are fueled by chemical agents and liquefied gases, but it works well against almost any type of fire.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

These systems use a chemical gas agents to extinguish a fire. The ingenious aspect of this system is that it leaves no water, chemicals, or oily residues behind after putting out a fire. This system can rapidly extinguish a fire with no damage to high value assets.

These systems can not only protect your property, but they can also lower your insurance costs. This is especially important for any business owner. Commercial properties undergo routine fire safety tests, and these systems can help any business pass meet rigorous standards.

Naturally, automatic fire suppression systems need to be checked annually to ensure that they are fully operational. Checking your fire systems quarterly is recommended for optimal performance. Once per year, a professional fire sprinkler contractor is required to inspect the system. The documentation of all inspections and maintenance of your Automatic Fire Suppression System should be kept on site.

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