Photo of a officer checking the fire extinguisher
You probably don’t think much about your fire extinguisher until you really need it — and that’s the worst time to discover that it no longer functions. In most commercial and public facilities, the law requires that you have yearly maintenance done on your fire extinguisher, and for good reason. The complex system that makes fire extinguishers so effective requires regular upkeep to ensure its functionality. While residential homeowners are not required by law to maintain their fire extinguishers, the importance of yearly professional maintenance cannot be overstated.
You’ve probably noticed that most fire extinguishers have small tags connected to the handle, but have you ever taken a moment to look at them? These tags are there to help you keep track of your inspection record. If there is a fire in your home or business and there is no record of having had your extinguishers maintained, this could present a huge liability. While it is recommended that individuals perform a monthly check on the condition of their extinguishers, the annual maintenance must be done by a professional for a number of reasons.
Here are a few things that a qualified technician will do in a yearly inspection:
  • check for visible damage or tampering
  • check for proper pressure (gauge in green or proper cartridge weight)
  • weigh for correct volume of extinguishing agent
  • ensure that the powder is free-flowing
A more extensive inspection of your extinguishers must be performed every 4 to 6 years, depending on their type. During this maintenance the pressurized canister must be taken apart and inspected piece-by-piece. This is an extremely dangerous process for someone without the proper training and equipment, and it’s also an essential part of ensuring that your equipment is safe and functional.
If you have neglected to ensure that your fire safety equipment is in proper working condition, or you need to purchase fire safety equipment for your new home or business in the Michigan area, contact the professionals at Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service, Inc today.