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James P., Eastern Mfg.

"I have used Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Inc to carry out the maintenance and checking of the fire alarm and detection systems for our premises since 2004. Throughout this time I have found all Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service staff to be highly professional and knowledgeable, and able to provide excellent advice when requested. As a Health & Safety professional it is reassuring to know that the fire safety aspect of my job is being handled competently and thoroughly."

Bill Z., National Coney Island

"National Coney Island has used Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Inc. from the beginning. They service the fire suppression systems and prtable fire extinguishers at our restaurants, corporate offices and otehr properties. They have always been
very professional."

David P., Minowitz Manufacturing Company

"Minowitz Manufacturing Company has had the pleasure of doing business with Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Inc. since 1996. Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Inc. maintains and services our fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems at all of our facilities. Their staff is very professional and friendly and always willing to provide excellent advice when needed. The staff at Minowitz Manufacturing Company feel assured that all fire safety issues are handled thoroughly and look forward to continuing doing business with them."

Jon Steenland, Roseville Community Schools

"Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Inc. has been servicing the kitchen systems, overhead sprinklers and portable fire extinguishers at all of the Roseville Community Schools for many years. They are very professional. Their staff has been the same for many years."


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