Pulling Fire Alarm Photo

A fire safety plan can be defined a formal document that contains details of the procedures that should be followed in case there is a fire. Ideally, the fire safety plan should suit the resources of a given building. A fire safety plan does not just involve having an alarm and fire extinguishers, it also includes preparations that could save lives in the company. Below are some of the reasons every business requires a fire safety plan.

Know the risks
Every business faces different risks depending on their activities. You start your fire safety plan by carrying out a risk assessment. This allows you to know the risk levels and the types of fire that are likely to occur in your business. Equipped with this information, you are in a better position to tailor the plan to how it best fits the business.

Procedures for reporting a fire emergency
One of the important parts of having a fire safety plan is having a systematic process that can be followed to alert others in case there is a fire. There should be a fire alarm that should be triggered to notify others. Ensure that the plan clearly states these procedures including whether there should be a number to call in such an emergency.

Location of the fire safety equipment
All the fire safety equipment should be easy to identify. They should also be easily accessible to help fight the fire. It is worth mentioning that the fire extinguishers should match the fire risks identified. If all the locations of the safety equipment are clearly indicated in the fire safety plan, it is possible to stop the fire before much damage is done. 

Safe evacuation
Your personnel should know the safest way to exit the building and where they should gather. The plan should include detailed maps as well as instructions regarding the evacuation process. This prevents a stampede in the unfortunate event of a fire.

The above are just a few reasons why every business whether small or large requires a fire safety plan. Having a fire safety plan can save lives. Contact the experts at Fire Extinguisher Sales & Services today for all your fire alarm system and safety needs.