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Certified Hydrostatic Testing in Madison Heights, MI

Fire Systems Testing

The trained professionals at Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service provide certified testing and inspection services for Madison Heights area fire alarms, sprinklers, and suppression systems. Our team is fully licensed, and we provide the entire inventory you need. Aside from quality products, we focus on personal care and service for every client. We are a member of the National Fire Protection Association, National Association of Fire Distributors, and Construction Association of Michigan.

Whether you own a restaurant, office, or any other business, all owners are responsible for the maintenance of their fire safety equipment and systems. It's the owner's legal obligation to certify that the premises are equipped with fire safety products and that the systems abide by fire codes and legal requirements. Fortunately, with professionals such as FESS by your side, it isn't difficult to keep your property safe.

How often should you check your fire extinguishers and systems?

Just like any other piece of equipment, fire safety items should be checked routinely to confirm that they will work as designed in the midst of an emergency. We recommend performing a monthly check to make certain that fire extinguishers are in their designated places without any obstructions on your property. Furthermore, we suggest an annual check to examine the elements of your fire extinguisher or system to check that everything is in working order. At Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service, our professionals are trained to keep equipment fully functional.

Comprehensive Fire Safety Testing in Madison Heights, MI

Hydrostatic Testing Madison Heights MI - Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service - Fire_suppression_system

At Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, we have the best fire systems testing services that include fire code inspections and hydrostatic testing to guarantee that your system is operating in accordance with the set manufacturing specifications. Over the years of our operations, we have continuously strived to give our customers the best level of commitment in the industry.

We will design the perfect fire alarm system for your company's individual need, install it, integrate it, and train your staff on how to use it in the case of a fire disaster. We will then conduct tests on the system to guarantee that all parts of the system are active.

FESS also guarantees a high level of expertise in servicing and maintaining your fire system to ensure there is no downtime in its performance. Our technicians are always on watch, monitoring your fire system for preventative analysis and problem-solving.

Our fire protection solutions include:

  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • Smoke and fire detections systems
  • Advanced flame detection systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Dry pipe sprinklers
  • Spray sprinklers
  • Water mist systems, and more

Tenant Safety

At Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Inc. we understand that the safety of tenants is a property manager's first concern. Whether you manage a small condominium complex or downtown high-rise, local emergency services alone cannot offer the level of safety needed for your occupants. Trust us to provide the safety and security the tenants in your building expect.

Ready to get started and give your building the protection it needs in a crisis? Call Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service now at (586) 293-7575 to get more information about our products and other offerings.


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