Man inspecting his fire alarm

To avoid hazardous accidents caused due to fire, your home alarm system should work fine. The key is to check the fire alarm system as per the expert recommendation to keep it functioning properly and to see if there is a need of a battery replacement. In this article, we have outlined a few important tips and recommendations on fire alarm systems.

Reasons To Check The Fire Alarms:
Because smoke sensors and fire alarms are very important, you should check these regularly to ensure the safety of your family. After all, these are the first alerting devices in case of a fire. Thus, the fire alarm systems and detectors should be periodically checked.

How Often Should These Systems Be Checked?

The fire alarms and home smoke detecting systems are either battery operated or electrically powered devices. Therefore, these systems need to be checked often to see if they are working fine and have full batteries. When the alarm or the detector gives a false alarm and beeps even when there is no smoke, it is time to check the alarm systems.

Based on the recommendations by the USFA, homeowners should check the alarms and the detectors every month and replace the batteries every six months. Keep a reminder to get the detectors checked and replace the batteries. If you are unsure how to check the detectors and alarm systems, go through the user manual.

  • Don’t forget to do the visual inspection to see if the alarm indicator is on. This also ensures that the hard-wired and battery-operated fire alarm systems are well connected and batteries are in good condition.
  • Check the battery thoroughly for corrosion. If required, change the batteries.
  • It is also important to test and calibrate the fire alarm sensors as per the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements.

By performing regular checks of the alarm systems and replacing the batteries, you can keep the fire alarm and smoke detector systems in optimal condition.

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