Restaurant Fire Safety Basics - Fire Safety Blog | Fire Extinguisher Service & Sales - 177422420Restaurants present a considerable fire risk, with open flames, hot equipment, electrical appliances, and oil all coming together in a small, hectic environment.  Fire can be devastating to a business, leading to lost revenue, permanent damage to equipment, and even life-threatening injury.  Here are a few basics steps to ensuring that you and your restaurant are protected.

Automatic Fire-Suppression Systems

Statistically, 57% of fires in restaurants involve cooking equipment.  Installing an automatic fire-suppression system on your equipment will prevent it from catching fire and causing a disaster. These systems work by automatically detecting excessive flames and dispensing chemical fire suppressants. Make sure to hire a reputable fire safety contractor to install and regularly inspect your system.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Most kitchen fires involve fat, grease, and oil.  These fires can only be suppressed with Class K fire extinguishers.  Make sure to have plenty of them on hand and readily available to prevent fires from getting out of control.

Regular Maintenance

An important, and frequently overlooked, safety measure for kitchens is to have all gas and electrical equipment inspected on a regular basis.  This can prevent equipment from malfunctioning and causing an unexpected fire or explosion.  Hazards like frayed cords and leaking gas lines can be detected and repaired before they lead to disaster.

Exhaust System Inspection

Fire codes commonly call for a quarterly inspection of exhaust systems to ensure that there is not a build-up of grease.  Exhaust systems must remain clean at all times to prevent grease fires or a build-up of toxic fumes in busy kitchens.

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