Fire Drill Photo

Never underestimate the importance of performing regular fire drills in the home, workplace, or school. Always remember that when a real fire happens, the time to react can be measured in seconds! Performing regular fire drills are essential for the following reasons:

1. You can ensure the alarm is in working condition.

Fire alarms are usually required in many places. However, once set up, they must be tested periodically. What better time to test the alarm than when practicing a fire drill?

People will have an opportunity to hear how the signal sounds. That way when a real fire strikes, they are familiar with the warning sound and can respond accordingly. Moreover, you will know whether the alarm battery is working or in need of replacement.

2. You can inform everybody of their roles and responsibilities.

The last thing you want in a disaster situation is for people to not know their roles. Too much confusion can result. Instead, each person needs to know what is expected of them and whom to follow.

3. You can make people feel more calm and prepared.

You want everyone to be able to think clearly in a crisis. Repetition is key. As you will see during practice, the first few attempts will proceed less smoothly than later ones.

It is better to get the cobwebs out in practice than to have folks making mistakes and perhaps costing lives during the real thing.

4. You can make everyone feel more secure.

Empower your family, friends, students and staff by teaching them how to survive a fire. They will feel more confident overall as a result.

5. You will find out if your plans will work.

Practice is also an opportunity to find out whether a plan actually makes practical sense. The most intricate plans may turn out to be total flops.

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